Gyrofile Rotary Filing


The Gyrofile is a rotary filing system built from two back to back filing cabinets mounted on a high performance rotating frame.

A Gyrofile is a high density filing system, offering easy swift access to documents. You effectively access two times as many documents as in a conventional filing cabinet.

Gyrofile s have a self-blocking hard spot, so they naturally snap into position. No cumbersome “latches” or “pedals” to trip you up – better for all applications, essential when dealing with difficult health and safety situations for handicapped persons. It locks very quickly.

Your Gyrofile can be specified in your own colours, and fitted with wood finishing best suited to your taste and environment ! You can disassemble your Gyrofile and reassemble it elsewhere easily. Robust and thoughtful engineering makes this much easier than is the case with competing products.

The Gyrofile can be installed against a wall, as a partitioning element, or panoramically lined up. It is an ideal solution for on hand and at hand filing. It is a much appreciated tool for organising working space both in open space floors and in smaller, cramped environments, where every square foot counts.

6 Cupboards :
4,23 m of filing per m2 on floor
16 Filing Cabinets:
2,88 m of filing per m2 on floor
3 Gyrofile :
6,4 m of filing per m2 on floor

Product range

A set of GYROFILES always starts with a Starter GYROFILE. Then, Additional GYROFILES can be added to the sequence. Therefore, a n-GYROFILE sequence comprises one (1) Starter unit and + (n-1) Additional units.

Dimensions :

GYROFILE Starter Unit
mm width depth height offset from wall
outside 1.144 795 2.270 1.75
inside 768 396 2.095 1.75


GYROFILE Additional Unit
mm width depth height offset from wall
outside 969 795 2.270 1.75
inside 768 396 2.095 1.75


Finish :
The GYROFILE standard colours are RAL 7036 & RAL 7035. It can be made in all RAL colours, and also in a wood panelled version for the doors.


GYROFILE s are the preferred solution for all departments with requirements for nearby, at hand proximity filing. These double entry cupboards are very versatile and can be implemented in many creative ways.

For Services Public or Private where convenient volume filing is wanted :
For for A4 document format or for foolscape —

In Bank branches :
For filing of forms, check-books and cards, plus secured boxes and areas are an option —

In Health Centres, Clinics or Hospitals :
Filing of medical records, either in A4 or A5 (cards) format, or in sundry special formats (X-rays-etc.)

Industry :
The GYROFILE may also be installed in a production site in order to store all production plans, tools —

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