Gyroclass Office Carousel


OFFICE TIME SAVED : FILES COME TO YOU, RATHER THAN YOU CHASE THE FILE. With GYROCLASS, at the touch of a button (or better still, at the flash of a bar-code) the machine will move the appropriate shelf to the consulting bay and point to the file with a light. This makes you more efficient (Access to file in less than 20 seconds) and makes your office neater and more streamlined.

OFFICE SPACE IS SAVED : overhead areas not reachable unless by an impractical ladder are now put to work. Footprint per linear meters of filing storage is minimised. Typically 40 to 70% space is saved compared to conventional solutions

DOCUMENT PROTECTION & ACCESS CONTROL ARE PROVIDED : as self-contained system, GIROCLASS allows you to lock away quickly a large amount of documents, to restrict access to authorised persons only, and to put in an efficient fire protection system if needed. GYROCLASS can also be a critical access enabler for persons with restricted mobility.


All Electroclass GIRO CLASS are fitted with an electronic keyboard which allows to use basic functionalities (calling trays, access codes), as well as technical access functionalities (storage of incidents and of safeties, tray configurations—).

The whole GIRO CLASS standard range is also fitted with a RS 232 C serial link which allows PC piloting.

Electroclass therefore proposes a range including four classification software packages :

Main Menus :

  • Operating
  • List mode
  • Acces code
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance

Product range

The Electroclass GIRO CLASS range comes in a variety of forms according to the loads which are to be placed on the trays :

Product Payload per tray Depth of Tray Outside width Depth,
(table not included)
P 150 C 100 Kg 340 mm 3120 mm 980 mm
P 150 150 Kg 420 mm 3280 mm 1159 mm
P 160 150 kg 420 mm 3280 mm 1159 mm

Machines of the P150C-P150-P160 ranges are made-to-measure to fit ceiling heights and other dimensional constraints.

The OPTIMA on the other hand is a standardised simplified vertical filing carousel with simplified controls ( Up / Down buttons only, and which trays can handle both suspended files and standing boxes or files. ) suitable for many modern office environments.

Technical features :
Same as P 150 C
Ext. width : 2840 mm
Height : 2480 mm
Depth : 980 mm + 300 mm

Equipment on Optima :
Twelve 2500 mm trays – Up / Down arrow – Overhead Lighting – Table …


The GIROCLASS is user-friendly and adaptable.

Departments managing substantial amounts of live or sensitive data in files volumes cards or other physical media will find these carousels extremely useful :

Among the most frequent users of the filing systems are in a private company environment:
Personnel and HR Departments – Sales with Customer files – Quality and Production with Technical Files- in Banking : customer files

In the Public sector :
– Hospitals – Local Public Services – Ministries – Police departments – Courts and Judicial services etc.

The ergonomic consulting height helps GIRO CLASS be a very appreciated solution to classify Cards, Check books, etc.


Many of the Vertical Carousel Filing Systems installed by Electroclass have bespoke characteristics to suit particular client requirements.

Electroclass takes pride in finding solutions adapted to specific client requirements.

Some of the many available options on Electroclass filing cabinets :

Fire protection systems – Double Front and Back access – – Double Level High and Low access – Automatic Electric Shutters.Doors ….

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