Mobile Shelving


Mobile shelves are made out of traditional shelf elements fixed on carts which move with a translation movement. Such principle helps have access to the overall volume of documents which are contained in all the shelves by using one only consulting lane.

This classifying mode allows :

  • either to double Classification Capacity on same surface;
  • or to save 50% surface for same capacity.

Carts can be moved with a handle (manual shelves) or with a steering wheel (mechanical shelves) or through an engine (electrical shelves).

The moving system will be selected according to the weight of the carts to be moved.

Configuration of shelves will depend on each premise and on the kind of file to be classified.

Product range

The range of Electroclass Mobiles (mobile shelves) comes in a variety of forms according to the way the cards will move.


Briefly, such selection will be associated to following applications :

• Manually Short carts (Max 4 M) – Nearby Classification
Office automation environment.
• Mechanically Carts up to 10 M
Record premises for slightly consulted documents.
• Electrically Carts uo to 12 M
More frequently consulted files.

Structures (shelves and uprights) are equivalent whatever the selected carts and offer a wide range of shelf sizes

Shelf width Shelf depth
800 250
900 350
1000 400


Traditionally, the Mobile Shelves solution is intended for important volumes of slightly moved documents : record,…

The Electroclass Mobile Shelves can therefore be found in record premises in Hospitals and Clinics, private companies, banks,…

The manual shelves (CLASSIC), which are not very deep, can however be installed near users in classifying centres.

The electrical shelves can also bring a solution for the classification of files which are more consulted, thanks to its remote control piloting which is directly integrated in the carrying carts.


The Electroclass electrically moving shelves offer optimum and very reliable using conditions.

Its main specificity is that all the carts are piloted by one only automaton (and not by one card per cart). This technological solution is very reliable and also allows remote maintenance.

Carts may be moved either directly from the touch-sensitive screen which is integrated in one of the shelves, or by remote control, or also by a Radio link directly from the cart which carries the files.

Safety :
The access to the lane is protected with an infrared curtain + Overtorque detection + Emergency button “ Lane blocked after opening.

Its has been very carefully designed and is quite appreciated by users.

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