Miniload Crane for filing


SILO : crane driven access to towering dataroom of files or books delivers great space savings
Libraries, gigantic paper record bases fit neatly into the Silo’s massive storage capacity. Trays containing documents are stacked into a racking structure that can be a dozen meters high. The high density filing solution allows files to be kept near the point of usage, while occupying minimal space.

SILO : delivers a truly efficient robotic access system to minimize labor and time wasted retrieving documents.
Conventional systems not only waste space, they provide a maze where time is dissipated. The perfectly organized SILO with its robot brings the document to the operator with utmost speed.

SILO : delivers a truly efficient robotic access system to minimize labor and time wasted retrieving documents.


As for all Electroclass solutions, the SILO horizontal carrousel has its own electronic keyboard which allows to use basic functionalities (drawer calling, access codes, —) as well as technical access functionalities (storage of incidents and safeties, tray configurations—).

The whole SILO standard range is also fitted with a RS 232 C serial link which allows PC piloting.

Electroclass therefore proposes a range including four classification software packages :

Product range

The range of the Electroclass SILO horizontal carrousels comes in a variety of forms according to the loads which the carts can carry.

There are 3 SILO families :
100 Kg – 150 Kg et 315 Kg

The selection will be done according to the density of the documents to be classified.

All dimension features will be defined according to each case.

Accesses :
In its standard version, the SILO is fitted with 2 front accesses (right station and left station), but a third station is however frequently installed which is reserved for inputs.

The SILO range will be determined by the load which it will carry

Typical applications

SILOs are particularly useful for efficient access to very large file or book collections.

Electroclass’s most prestigious SILO site is surely the DON BOSCO LIBRARY, associated with the Università Pontificia Salesiana

” The Silo is the completely automatic archive management system that can quite legitimately be considered as the heart of the library. It is an operational depot for 250 thousand units (extendable to 500 thousand) and that allows all texts to be accessible with a delivery time in the order of 30 “.

The SILO has however been put to use in many environments where high density filing and efficient document retrieval are required : pension rights in the military or in professional associations, medical records in hospitals, registries in courts – anywhere where important documents need safekeeping and easy access.


Fully designed on request, SILO offers a range of options which help it be adapted to each configuration.

  • Side stations
  • Placement on carts
  • Accumulating stations
  • Drawer distribution on conveyors
  • Constant Ventilation, Temperature and Hygrometry
  • Fire station
  • Access on several levels…

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