Vertical Carousel in Hospitals


Among typical applications for our storage vertical carrousel GIRO STOCKEUR TITAN, Hospital Pharmacies are probably the most widespread ones.

The benefits of the TITAN solution, combined with the GESTOCK PHARMA software, are actually of a nature to meet the requirements of many hospital centres which want to give a still more performing service within their pharmacy.

Among the benefits linked to this solution, we should note :

  • Surface saving is important
  • Preparation times are optimised
  • Picking mistakes are cut out
  • Computerised follow-up for stocks, inventories…

At Montfermeil Intermunicipal Hospital Centre ,it could so be noticed that 30 to 40% surface could be saved and that productivity had definitely improved. In this 400 bed hospital, 2 chemistÃs assistants were sufficient to manage the grants for 6 to 7 services in half a day.

At Voiron Hospital Centre, a 50% time saving was noticed to distribute and put the products away. The Pharmacy manages 1700 references which take up twice less space than with the initial solution.

In Rangueil, it was noticed that dispensing mistakes had clearly been reduced. Time thus saved (40%) was devoted to set up the D.J.I.N. (Individual and by Name Daily Dispensing) and to improve of the grants.

C.H.I. Montfermeil

MONTFERMEIL Intermunicipal Hospital Centre : Identity Card

  • 400 short stay beds
  • Global Dispensing for the Services
  • Dispensing by Name for Home medical care
  • 1200 product lines

ELECTROCLASS Application :

  • 3 GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousels
  • Computer : Organisation of Inputs and of Outputs through Gestock
  • List transmission with OPHELIE

The Montfermeil Intermunicipal Hospital Centre is a hospital which is fitted with over 400 short stay beds.

In this hospital, the pharmacy works according to the global dispensing principle for its different services and according to the dispensing by name for home medical care (20 beds).

It also manages external over the counter sales, through which some expensive products are sold (antibacterial products, growth factors—).
The products, except for the solutions, are stored in 3 GIROPHARMA.

The pharmacy works from pre-printed lists with grants to the services or to the function units. The GESTOCK software sorts out the products for each function unit according to their storage location. This helps optimise the movements and minimise picking times.

Such list constitutes the output file which is switched into the OPHELIE program which manages the financial management for all patent medicines.
Eventually, each function unit will directly place its orders on Gestock.

The patent medicines are put away in 3 Electroclass GIROPHARMA fitted with specific arrangements according to the conditioning to be stored and to the picking mode. 30 to 40% surface has thus been saved.

The 3 GIROPHARMA are managed and piloted by the Electroclass Gestock software. Thanks to its storage automation and to its computerised management, the productivity improvement is significant, as two chemistÃs assistants are sufficient to manage the grants for six to seven services in less than half a day.
Furthermore, the inventory for all the products is carried out in only half a working day.

C.H. Voiron

Voiron Hospital Center : Identity card
• 400 beds : 200 long stays + 200 short stays
• Re-globalised dispensing / prescription knowledge by name.

ELECTROCLASS Application :
• 1 storage vertical carrousel containing 600 products with 1700 references
• Computer : DISPORAO 3 Software from TGS in situ

VOIRON Hospital Pharmacy works under the principle of the re-globalised distribution. It carries out medicine retrocessions for external patients.

1700 references are put away and organised according to their volume, to their rotation index and to suppliers.

Storage is carried out in the GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousel for the products with a high or medium speed of rotation; except for massive solutions, appliances and medical devices which are stored in traditional shelves or on pallets.

Each service or Functional Unit enters its prescriptions. The DISPORAO Software composes the distribution lists, which will be operated by the GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousel, once the Pharmacy has checked them out.

A chemistÃs assistant consults the function unit requests directly near the GIROPHARMA, and prepares the requests.

The GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousel allows to manage missing products automatically.

Noticed saved time to distribute and put away is of 50 %.

The staff works under picking ergonomic conditions and does not need to move.

Mistake risks when preparing orders thus decrease very clearly: Similar dosages are stored far apart and the products are distributed by functional unit groups.
Because it has chosen GIROPHARMA, the pharmacy saves a total surface of 50% with relation to the initial solution .

C.H. Rangueil

RANGUEIL Hospital Center : Identity Card

  • 1100 beds
  • Global Distribution for the services : 280.000 lines/Year
  • D.J.I.N.(Individual and by name daily dispensing) in process

ELECTROCLASS Application :

  • 2 GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousels
  • Computer : Warehouse – 4 PC fitted with barcode readers.
  • Connection between the different care services fitted with MACINTOSH or PC, the PC warehouse and the Management processing unit under UNIX operating system.

In addition to Pharmaceutical dispensing, this unit manages the preparation of Parenteral Nutrition Pockets (4300/year), the reconstitution of Anti-cancer Pharmaceuticals (7300 preparations/year), and retrocessions (12000 prescriptions/year).

The Pharmacy works according to the globalised distribution principle. Since 1998, the D.J.I.N. (Individual and by Name Daily Dispensing) must develop thanks to the installation of the DISPORAO software and of a Dispensing Automat which evaluation is in process.

Both GIROPHARMA storage vertical carrousels contain the low to medium rotation products. The bulky or strong rotation products are stored in racks on casters.

After having used the GIROPHARMA for 2 years, and as it was satisfied with the picking times, the Pharmacy plans to integrate the strong rotation products in a 3rd storage vertical carrousel.

The Storage automation allowed the saving of 70 m_, which were used to install the dispensing automaton.

A 40% improvement in productivity was noticed following the installation of the GIROPHARMA. Time thus saved is devoted to install the D.J.I.N. (Individual and by Name Daily Dispensing ) and to improve the grants.

Finally, a significant decrease was noticed in mistakes when dispensing products, and most particularly for those stored in the GIROPHARMA.

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