Tower Lift Storage


The TOWER Storage Lift is Storage Racking with a robot-driven carriage.
Between two storage volumes in tray-carrying racking
A carriage travels, extracting the trays
Bringing them to a workstation,
By the order of the operator, relayed by computer.

Automated storage of this sort carries many advantages :

  • Exploitation of high space often otherwise unused
  • Accommodation to heavy or light items
  • Adapts to bulky or minor items
  • Trays can be removed from the storage space
  • Storage machines can easily be adapted to new volumes
  • Storage space is available where it is needed – at the point of usage

The TOWER Storage Lift fits into the universe of automated storage products from ELECTROCLASS between

  • The Titan vertical carousel, plus best suited to smaller items and lower available heights
  • And the Silo mini-load crane system, best suited to massive centralised storage of parts.

The TOWER Storage Lift the Four-wheel drive of Storage Automation

  • Robust,
  • Reliable
  • Adaptable


Electroclass LIFT storage lifts are equipped with an electronic keyboard which allows to use the basic functionalities (calling the trays—), as well as the technical access functionalities (configurations…).

The whole LIFT range is also equipped with a RS 232 C serial connection which allows PC piloting. Electroclass thus proposes its GESTOCK stock management software as a complement to LIFT installations.

Product range

Typical applications

The LIFT storage lift is designed to be able and move up to 400 kg per drawer. This is the solution which is used to store heavy parts :

  • Tool stores,
  • Mechanical Parts and Sets
  • Screws and bolts…

The LIFT is also very flexible when it comes to the installation of drawers according to the different heights of the products to be stored. The LIFT can therefore be arranged for references which heights can vary very much (75 mm to over 500 mm…)

Finally, the LIFT picking mode (directly through the upper part) helps it be the ideal solution for the direct storage of small parts : screws and bolts…

The LIFT’s benefits :

  • Direct Picking,
  • 400 Kg Loads,
  • Variable Heights…

Caution :

  • Access times are 2.5 to 3 times longer than with the GIRO Storage Vertical Carrousel
  • The volume occupancy rate is interesting when height is over 4 Metres


Thanks to the drawer reinforced structure, combined with a mechano-welded under-frame structure, the LIFT storage lift can accept an important real load of products, including for very wide drawers.

This conception, which helps avoid any rigidity problem on very wide drawers allows to favourably replace 2 medium width (2 M) LIFT storage lifts with a very wide (4 M) LIFT

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