Miniload Crane Automated Stores


Where massive storage of components, parts, tools, or spares is needed, the SILO is the solution.

A compact, high density storage solution, the SILO is based upon two parallel racking structures that can be up to 10 metres high. The racks of the SILO are loaded with trays or drawers, adapted to fit the desired contents (with general purpose or bespoke dividers, slots, bins boxes…). The SILO offers a capacity that is quite substantial, to be measured often in hundreds of cubic metres. By making full use of available height, this solution makes much more efficient use of floor areas than traditional shelving systems.

The SILO is a robotic filing solution : a carriage on board a crane runs down the central corridor and retrieves the requested drawer and brings it to a workstation (there may be several). Picking thus is made much more efficient, and the number of operators required to do a given number of picks (or loads) a day is substantially lessened.

The SILO is a computerised solution: hence errors, missing items, and other incidents are sharply curtailed, and traceability of transactions can be made integral. This improves quality and productivity of warehousing or order preparation services.

The SILO is a securitised, environment-controlled solution: as imposed by a specification to be agreed upon with the user, it is possible to include humidity and temperature control, and obviously also a system to make storage fireproof.


As for all Electroclass solutions, the SILO horizontal carrousel has its own electronic keyboard which allows to use the basic functionalities (drawer calling, access codes, —) and also the technical access functionalities (storage of incidents and safeties, tray configurations—)

The whole SILO standard range is also fitted with a RS 232 C serial link which allows PC piloting.
Most of Electroclass SILOS are then piloted with GESTOCK, or Electroclass RAPID STOCK

Product range

The range of Electroclass SILO horizontal carrousel comes in a variety of forms according to the loads which the carts can carry.

There are 3 SILO families :
100 Kg – 150 Kg et 315 Kg

The selection will be done according to the density of the documents to be classified.

All dimension features will be defined according to each case.

Acesses :
In its standard version, the SILO horizontal carrousel is fitted with 2 front accesses (right station and left station), but it is however frequent to install a third station which is solely intended for inputs.

The SILO range will be determined according to the loads to be carried

Typical applications

The important volume proposed by the SILO horizontal carrousel helps it be the ideal tool to store and manage central distribution stores.

Many SILOS can therefore be found in army stores (ETAMAT, ECRS—), but also in large companies such as EUROCOPTERE, EDF-GDF, Monnaies et Medailles—…

Schematically, SILO will be proposed for volumes to be stored which are equivalent to over 5 TITANS or SPACERS, and which Inputs / Outputs will not be more than 1 movement / minute.

The SILO benefits :

  • An important volume managed by 1 or 2 operators.
  • Movements centralised on 1 access.
  • Easily extensible structure…


Fully designed on request, the SILO horizontal carrousel offers a range of options which help it be adapted to each configuration.

  • Side stations
  • Placement on carts
  • Accumulation stations
  • Distribution of drawers on conveyors
  • Constant Ventilation, Temperature and Hygrometry
  • Fire station
  • Access on several levels…

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