Vertical Carousel Storage


THE PART COMES TO YOU, RATHER THAN YOU CHASE THE PART. With a TITAN VERTICAL CARROUSEL, at the touch of a button (or better still, at the flash of a bar-code) the machine will move the appropriate shelf to the consulting bay and point to the appropriate bin or compartment with a light. This makes your operator more efficient (Access to parts in a matter of seconds) and makes your warehouse or stores neater and more streamlined.


SPACE IS SAVED: overhead areas not reachable unless by an impractical ladder or a cumbersome fork-lift are now put to work. Footprint per cubic meter of accessible storage is minimised. Typically 40 to 400% space is saved compared to conventional solutions.

PROTECTION & CONTROL OVER ACCESS: as self-contained system, a TITAN VERTICAL CARROUSEL allows you to lock away quickly a large quantity of parts, to restrict access to authorised persons only, and to put in an efficient fire protection system if needed. GYROCLASS can also be a critical access enabler for persons with restricted mobility.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: as self-contained system, it is quite possible to climate control (temperature, light, and hygrometry) a vertical carrousel.

TRACABILITY & INTEGRATION INTO LARGER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS : TITAN VERTICAL CARROUSELs with attending software will help you get full control over parts tracking and dispensation, limit errors and disappearances, integrate data into larger ERPs or WMSs for greater efficiency and achieve reduction of costs of storage and of errors.


Electroclass TITAN Storage Vertical Carrousels are equipped with an electronic keyboard which allows to use the basic functionalities (calling the trays, access codes), as well as the technical access functionalities (storage of incidents, safety, tray configuration…).

The whole TITAN Storage Vertical Carrousel range is also standard equipped with a RS 232 C serial connection which allows piloting though a PC. Electroclass thus proposes its GESTOCK stock management software as a complement to TITAN installations.

Main Menus :

  • Running
  • List mode
  • Access code
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance

Product range

The product range of TITAN Vertical Carrousels offers a large variety, summarised below :

Product Max Payload per Carrier Average Payload in kg Machine Width Depth
TITAN G 40 250 Kg 4000 3280 mm 1159 mm
TITAN G 50 250 Kg 4000 3280 mm 1159 mm
TITAN G 60 350 kg 6000 3560 mm 1725 mm
TITAN G 80 400 Kg 8000 3636 mm 1596 mm
TITAN G 160 630 Kg 14000 4360 mm 1830 mm

The TITAN Storage Vertical Carrousel installations are defined according to each customer’s requirements

Range attribution schematization according to requirements :
Range Storage type Applications
Average volume : 7 M3
700 Kg / M3
Light Engineering, Electronics, Bottles, pharmaceutical applications…
TITAN G60 Average volume : 13 M3
900 Kg / M3
Very hight stores – Engineering
Average volume : 13 M3
700 Kg / M3
Average volume : 13 M3 1300 Kg / M3
Heavy Products
very hight stores

Typical applications

Electroclass TITAN’s high access speed and installation modularity help it be a storing tool which is particularly appreciated for very active references.

In addition to the storage of machine parts (Maintenance Services, Buffer Stocks…), many possible options (maintaining same temperature, anti-static…) helps TITAN be a very widespread solution in different fields such as perfumery (storage of essences), electronics (storage of CMS), Hospital Pharmacie (Stockage des Médicaments…).

Among specific applications, we can emphasise on the fact that a TRAP TITAN is available, fitted with multiple trap doors which hides the opening window and which only opens to the authorised site (self-service storage).


Over 50 % of the Filing Cabinets and Stores installed by Electroclass are fitted with “non-standard” arrangements.

We are a human-size flexible company, our Research Department is close to us, we can very quickly make prototypes (arrangements—), and all these reasons help us, Electroclass, be the specialist for special items.

Users therefore have the benefit of solutions which perfectly meet their requirements, as well for storage as for internal arrangements and piloting.

Multiple level accesses, Distribution, Constant temperature, Constant hygroscopy, Cold Station, Fire Protection…

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