Industrial Vending


The SUPPLY POINT tool vendor is made out of an automatic cupboard and of a tool Management software.

After having identified the operator and his rights, the cupboard automatically distributes the EXACT QUANTITY of required tools.

The software saves all carried out operations.

This automatic tool vendor is very simple to use and offers following benefits :

  • Tools are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Tools inputs and outputs can be traced
  • Stock control
  • Reduced inventories
  • Control of supplies…

According to the cases, this tool vendor can help save up to 30 % of tool consumption.


The SUPPLY POINT automatic tool vendor is very simple to use and offers a flawless safety :

  1. The operator identifies either with his magnetic badge or by entering his code directly on the touch-sensitive screen.
  2. The targeted tool can be selected either from :
  • the tool
  • a family of tools
  • a tool provider
  • a tool-machine category
  • a manufacturing operation …

3. The operator states if he is carrying out a tool Output or a Return

4. In the event of an Output, the Software states the available quantity of tools, and the operator states the targeted number of tools. In the event of a Return, the operator states the number of tools to be put away and their status (to be fixed, rejection, used, new…).

5. A light comes on to the drawer which is concerned by the request, and the drawer unlocks.

6. The operator pulls the drawer open. Such drawer will open only on the QUANTITY OF CONCERNED TOOLS. He will input or output the tools and then will close the drawer.


SupplyPoint installation
The minimum of necessary SupplyPoint is of 2 units, the first of which includes the touch-sensitive screen and the second one the central processing unit.

Additional units are connected one by one, up to 10 modules for the same PC.

SupplyPoint Size Features

Height (anti taking up roof not inclued) : 1745 mm
Anti taking up roof : 245 mm
Width of first double module : 1085 mm
Width of additional module 500 mm
Depth 510 mm

Drawer Size Features
6 sizes are proposed for the drawers. Each drawer can be divided into 1, 2, 4 or 8 compartments.

Type Width Inner height Depth Nb drawers / level
A 96 23 342 3
B 96 70 342 3
C 167 23 342 2
D 167 70 342 2
E 390 23 342 1
F 390 70 342 1

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