Electroclass : Filing and storage optimisation solutions


Electroclass offers a wide range of filing and storage solutions, from automated filing system to document management software, for maximum space saving.

Electroclass provides filing and storage optimisation solutions: vertical storage carousels; double entry filing cabinets; lateral filing, for the best compact storage system and high density filing system.

  • Office Carousels make for compact filing and faster retrieval of documents.
  • Software ensures traceability and efficiency.
  • Vertical Carousels and Automated Lift and Crane Storage systems save on warehouse space and execution time, while protecting goods stored.
  • Carousels, Dispensers and Software make for streamlined and reliable pharmaceuticals management in Hospitals and Health Institutions
  • Dispensers and software ensure full traceability and reliability of supply of Tools, consumables, and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Software for the management of the warehouse – bringing efficiency to your internal logisitics.
  • Electroclass is present in the UK and in many other countries of the world.